The virtual reality jacket with which you can feel hugs or blows

The virtual reality jacket with which you can feel hugs or blows

Force Jacket, that’s the name of the virtual reality jacket, one of Disney’s latest inventions. The technological garment is still being developed and was created by researchers at the MIT MIT Media Lab and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. The garment is connected to a software that interjects what users can see, through virtual reality glasses. The software controls the jacket from its interior, which is composed of 26 airbags and sensors that swell to provoke a sensory reaction. The movements emitted depend on the experience that the user has chosen.

The creators of Force Jacket have invented three prototypes of apps that reproduce from hugs to the sensation that several snakes run through the body. The jacket can be adjusted to different sizes, depending on the build of the person who will use it. Similarly, the garment weighs around 2 kilos and 200 grams.

However, the jacket limits the movement of those who use it, since it has a system of tubes that allow it to connect to an air pump. This is a problem that even the developers want to solve, as they reported, it is expected that with more time and technology you can create lighter and more comfortable prototypes for the users.

On the Disney website it was already announced that with this invention they have managed to increase the potential of virtual reality, because with Force Jacket there will be more user immersion. They also point out that the motivation for creating this jacket was to improve entertainment in games and movies that use virtual reality.

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